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What should I pay attention to when wearing a Pixiu bracelet?

What should I pay attention to when wearing a Pixiu bracelet

Pixiu, also known as “shielding evil, Tianlu,” is a ferocious beast recorded in ancient books. Ancient Chinese feng shui scholars believed that Pixiu was a beast of Jirui that turned disaster into auspiciousness. From ancient times to the present, the emperors and the people have paid great attention to the collection and wearing of the brave. In addition to the functions of good luck and evil spirits, the brave also has the townhouse’s functions, turning Tai Sui and promoting marriage. Also, Pixiu’s staple food is gold, silver, and jewelry, which can swallow all things without letting go, so it also means to invigorate wealth.


Pi Yao specializes in feeding on gold and silver treasures, and they can only get in and can’t get out. They have a big belly and a lot of fortune. Pixiu is also the nine sons of the dragon. It is called Tianlu by the folks. It can bless officials to prosper, high officials, and high-ranking officials. In our country’s traditional folk customs and culture, there is the custom of dancing Pixiu. I hope that it can drive away evil spirits and bring good luck, which means good luck and good fortune.

Pixiu also represents success in encounters and accomplishments and symbolizes success in business and success. Pixiu’s own blessings are great, and it can guarantee longevity and blessings. Pi Yao is ferocious and is the best choice to avoid evil, prevent disasters, and townhouses.

The jade brave pendant has the meaning of jade brave and has a good ornamental value.

So, who is the Jade Pixiu Pendant suitable for?

Because Pixiu has the meaning of attracting money and keeping money, it is more appropriate for business people to wear jade Pixiu jewelry. Jade Pixiu pendants can help the wearer absorb wealth and help the wearer keep wealth. However, it is also necessary to pay attention when wearing it. It cannot cover the brave’s eyes because the eyes can help the brave find the treasure. As a pendant, the jadeite brave’s head must face up, not down, to attract wealth. You can’t open holes on the buttocks of Jade Pixiu because the meaning of Jade Pixiu is to absorb money and keep the money. If you make a hole on Pi Yao’s buttocks, the fortune will leak. In addition to the implied meaning of absorbing wealth, Pixiu also has the implied meaning of exorcising evil and avoiding disasters. And because of the lively nature of Pi Xiu, the Jade Pi Xiu Pendant is also very suitable for students to wear.

Because Pixiu has the meaning of attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits, people who want to transfer can also wear emerald Pixiu pendants for those who are not lucky. The evil spirits of jade Pixiu can help some people who are not lucky to transfer. The people of these people make money and treasure and change their fortunes for them.


If you need to attract wealth and protect your family, it is better to invite a Pi Yao home.

Pixiu has eight major functions: treasure, ward off evil spirits, transform evil spirits, transport, ask for money, ask for children, increase longevity, and establish a marriage. There is no doubt that Pi Yao is used in Feng Shui to exorcise evil spirits, block evil spirits, and protect against evil spirits. According to legend, Pi Xiu loves the taste of gold and silver treasures and often bites back the gold and silver treasures to please the owner, so it is said that this is a treasure. Therefore, Pixiu has another function of making money. The mighty power of Pi Yao and its characteristics of eating but not pulling, only in and out, have been regarded by the royal family for thousands of years as a divine beast to exorcise evil and gather wealth.

Gu Xian believes that fate is destined, but fortune can be changed. Therefore, when you go to Futaixuan, you can choose to wear a mascot that matches your numerology, supplement numerology, mission management, and the circulation of the five elements. The enlightening mascot can not only wish you good luck and ward off evil spirits; it can also help you turn your tissue and promote marriage.

The brave we can see nowadays are all items made in the image of the brave. In the beginning, it was only in the shape of the brave, and there is no spirituality of the brave itself. If you want brave to be truly effective, you must give brave spirituality. The best way to give Pixiu spirituality is to enlighten. Enlightenment is a decisive factor. Don’t choose if there is no enlightenment or false enlightenment. If you want to enlighten Pixiu, Futaixuan is the first choice for consecration.

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